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Theologian & - Hubrizine

Proper and overdue re-issue of a limited edition 12cassette on Annihilvs released back in 2012. Hubrizinewas two years in the making and features sourcematerial by Finland's mighty, undoubtedlyheralded as masters of the PE oeuvre, as reinterpretedand re-engineered by Theologian, in celebration of ashared appreciation for the works of Philip K. Dick.From the opening moments, what immediately strikesyou is that this probably isn't what you thought itwas going to be, given the history of both acts.Sure, there are a good deal of passages of volatilityand focused intensity as you might expect, but theyare complimented by an equal amount of passages ofhallucinatory ambience and cold, serene atmospherics.It's this very dichotomy that makes this such amasterful recording, and listening to it one sittingbecomes almost mandatory just to wrap your head aroundthe mind fuckery that unravels over its 7 tracks, ascelestial drift and horizon filling textures collidewith sudden eruptions of militantly hostile vocals,machine clatter, blistering frequency pulsations andwrithing distortion. The title track is clearly thecenterpiece epic and sprawling 18 minutetrack of climatic and shimmering drones thatdisintegrates into corrosive generator hum andcontorted loops with an insane vocal outburst thatrivals any output ever created. Hubrizineclearly takes heavy electronics in a direction wherefew have dared go, and few will ever match. In fold outpresentation folder with artwork by Andre Coelho(Sektor 304)."...a superb and mature release". Noise Receptor


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