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United Front - By All Means II (The Fall of Church and State) CD

Previously known as U-731, Gordon Lazarus’ project returns to the Malignant roster, now as a duo and rebranded as United Front. The same incendiary and antagonistic principles apply as before, only heightened and intensified with By All Means II (The Fall of Church and State), which burns with fervency and scalding anger, painting a picture of a country rife with corruption and spiraling towards war and strife. Even as it’s primarily centered around US policy, this has a more distinctly European feel than before, channeling mid-late 90’s German acts with its singular frequency throbs, samples, hostile vocals, and ominously atmospheric washes of toxic electronics. Released as a joint experience between Oppressive Resistance Recordings and Malignant, By All Means II is a dire proclamation and should serve as a wake up call to those previously content to sit by the wayside. Lmtd 300 in digipak. Logo by Derek Rush.

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