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Abandoned Asylum - Derelicts of Distant Hope

The debut album from Poland’s Abandoned Asylum and a welcome new entry into the Malignant family, fitting nicely alongside roster mates Rasalhague, Collapsar, and Phelios, in its ability to explore not only the outer edges of the cosmos, but deep into catacombs and dimly lit underground passages. Derelicts of Distant Hope is a collection of 7 tracks in total where shape shifting tonal swells are met with a host of nebulous textures, distant mechanical whir and industrial debris, and drifting atmospheric desolation, all expertly constructed and layered into a sprawling and expansive whole. With dark ambient, it’s not so much about re-inventing the wheel (which isn’t so easy to do given the genre’s defining characteristics) as much as it is about setting the mood, and Abandoned Asylum accomplishes that with great precision and skill. In 6 panel digipak, lmtd 500 copies."This is a very successful debut album mixing the most essential and needed elements of dark-ambient with a mature and efficient approach in songwriting. Seven cuts of pure horror!" Side-Line"[a] masterpiece of atmosphere. Abandoned Asylum brings you a journey that will literally take you away". 10/10 The Grim Tower"Many dark ambient composers have tried to tap into the realms of Lovecraft's Outer Gods, but few have succeeded in conveying that kind of cosmic horror the way Abandoned Asylum does in 'Derelicts of Distant Hope'." Chain DLK


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