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Eidulon CD - Idolatriae

With the release of Eidulon’s debut CD Idolatriae, we at Malignant are pleased to welcome another new project into the cozy confines of our slowly expanding roster. 7 tracks of ultra bleak, abstract atmospheres, with sounds and textures that seem to seep from catacomb walls and come slithering out of subterranean chambers. Certainly, this can be classified as a dark ambient record, but at it’s core, it’s more than just that simple classification. There’s a gritty, more jagged edge here, with tetonic shifts, deep rumblings, and crackling, climatic squalls buried under a bed of ghostly reverb and haunting tonal resonance. Fits in nicely with past Malignant releases such as R|A|A|N's 'The Nacrasti', Heid's 'Arktogaa', and even Caul's 'Crucible' CD. In elegant 6 panel digipak, with stark black and white, carefully arranged illustrations inspired by Taschism and Spatial art.I am deeply impressed by this release, seven tracks of the finest dark ambient recommended tor all people who like this kind of music. This is pure beauty with great atmospheres making you dream away to the furthest regions, to places were no man has ever put his feet. Be nice to yourself and purchase this great release." Gothtronic

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