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The Black Scorpio Underground - Incubator CD

Active for over a decade, Los Angeles based The Black Scorpio Underground has managed to amass an impressive discography, primarily released through their own label Hate Mail, and including some notable splits with such industrial luminaries as TOMB, Macronympha, The Vomit Arsonist and Werewolf Jerusalem. For their Malignant debut, they’ve put some of these connections to use, and the bulk of the material present here is comprised of collaborative work, including contributions from Trepaneringsritualen, Aderlating, Actuary, Demonologists, Richard Ramirez, AntichildLeague, and Sodomy from Beyond. TBSU material has a history of being fairly diverse and unpredictable, and can range from a murky and putrid form of black industrial, to smoldering and oppressive occult soundscapes, to more abrasive disharmonics, with reverberating metal on metal scree, modulated squelch, and grinding machine abuse. It’s all on display here, and no matter the composition style, everything is awash in unpleasantries, collectively making for a harrowing and immersive listen.

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