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Phragments - New Kings and New Queens

The first new release from Phragments since 2008’s Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood should be looked upon as a special, stand alone release, devoted not to the more daunting neo-classical atmospheres that make up the majority of Phragments' discography, but to something much darker and abstract; one long track, broken up into 6 chapters of slowly evolving landscapes of black and grey drones, sparsely interrupted by orchestral swells of golden light. And while this is indeed a more minimalistic approach to recording for Matej, in typical fashion, it is also very detailed and painstakingly composed, flowing seamlessly from one point to another over its 32 minute time frame. In terms of genre, this is pure orchestral dark ambient – bleak and solemn, yet with a certain calmness and emotionality, becoming almost sacral and poignant as it unfolds. Lmtd 500 copies in oversized fold out packaging.


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