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Wolfskin - O Ajuntar das Sombras

Finally, after years of delays, O Ajuntar das Sombras by Wolfskin is finally unleashed. Initally intended to be a re-issue of 2001’s very limited The Gather of Shadows by the Setting Sun CDr (Ajna), it eventually evolved into a re-working of three tracks from that release, complimented by 7 newly recorded tracks. As the Wolfskin era comes to end , this release represents a glimpse into their past, a more organic, flowing ambient record than what you may find today, and perhaps the least conceptual of all their releases. That being said, it most certainly will go down as one of their more stunning, darker visions; a masterpiece of shadowy atmospheres and drifting currents, featuring multiple layers of archaic sounds, foggy, nebulous textures, and ritual invocations, perfectly combined to form a release of intense depth and complexity.Must certainly rank among the finest dark ambient records released in the history of Malignant. In elegant 4 panel digipak.

"All told O Ajuntas das Sombras is one of the most eerier, chilling and hypnotonic dark ritual ambient releasers I’ve come across; Wolfskin really seem to capture a rich primal and dark air perfectly and have the ability to make their sound crawl, worm and grows its way into you." 5/5 Musique Machine

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