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Aderlating - Gospel of the Burning Idols

4th full length disc from this offshoot of Gnaw Their Tongues, finds Mories and Eric Eijspaart exploring further realms of the depraved and sinister; a 7 track descent into a world of wretched decay, nefarious manifestations, and atmospheric decrepitude, where charred frequencies meet slithering, roiling darkness, industrial clutter, demonic vocal incantations, and blurred, abstract layers of nightmarish horror, all periodically propelled forward by an invasion of live, free-form percussion and crashing cymbal resonance. Few artists can deliver a full spectrum of hellish ambience like Mories and Eric, and with Gospel of the Burning Idols, Aderlating comes forth with one of their most focused and complete recordings, capturing the sound closest to a live experience, with little sampling and using only “machines”, synths, vocals, and percussion.“The oppressive atmospheres are simply amazing. Aderlating progressively leads the listener into a deadly walk throughout the most unimaginable nightmare vision ever”. Side-Line“This is dark music. Black ritual music entombed in concrete and iron. Glimpses of chanting fade behind the rumble. Stretched, breathy but torn vocals call as though summoned.” Ave Noctum“…this is my first full Aderlating endeavor, but it certainly won’t be my last. This experience, further aided by the superb recording quality, played out like a soundtrack to a bizarre night terror…. an unimaginable Hell courtesy of bastardized neo-classical/Martial/ Ritual mechanics forced bred with dark ambient and experimental, almost kraut rock-like off-beat rhythms and time signatures that are even druggy free jazz”. Forbidden Magazine


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