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Phaenon - Submerged

With the debut release from Phaenon, it is immediately evident a heavyweight has arrived. The brainchild of Polish born, but current Maryland resident, Szymon Tankiewicz, Submerged is a dark ambient tour de force. Visually and sonically enveloping, this is an album of space and texture, slowly revealing a psychoactive soundscape of majestic, arcing timbres, circadian buzzes, and expansive drones. Heavy, and cosmically weighty in the beginning, Submerged evolves into something more minimalist and serene, radiating a celestial beauty, yet becoming even more bleak and suffocating as it progresses over it's 66 minute time frame. Experienced from start to finished, there’s a palpable sense of drifting and drowning, of being carried away into an endless, interstellar vacuum. An exciting new project, and a must for dark ambient purists.
In stylish 6 panel digipak, artwork by K. Enderlein (LOKI), mastered by Thomas Garrison.

"...a beautifully suffocating piece of dark ambiance that should definitely please fans of the drony side of this genre" Lunar Hypnosis

"a killer debut, a massive floating field of doomy synthesizer drones drifting through deep space and clusters of notes emerging from the void. The track is constantly shifting over it's 66 minutes, moving from crushingly heavy slabs of cosmic bass to subdued, serene drones flitting through interstellar space and endless sheets of icy metallic hum. Deep, ominous space drone with intense stereo panning that becomes incredibly memserizing" Crucial Blast

"deep, heavy, and expansive dark ambience that as the title suggests is akin to being submerged into an vast underground space or falling down an endless tunnel." Musiquemachine

"... one of the great masterpieces of Dark Ambience....this is an aural experience that will blow you away with its majestic composition. Phenomenal" Heathen Harvest

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