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Steel Hook Prostheses - The Empirics Guild

The first full length release since 2008's Atrocitizer, The Empirics Guild finds this Texas death industrial duo digging even deeper into the depths of depravity and clinical madness, having taking their time to create 12 tracks of gristly, necro-horror atmospheres and multi-layered, hallucinatory soundscapes, where shuddering waves of charred and blackened electronic filth meet heavily distorted, sadistic vocalizations. Ghastly and nightmarish, this is the soundtrack to surgery performed amidst filth and grime, with flickering lights, rusty scalpels, and absolutely no hope of anesthesia. SHP have always been adept at fusing dark, cinematic ambience with power electronics and they have certainly perfected that skill with The Empirics Guild. In 6 panel digipak with suitably gruesome artwork.“The Empirics Guild does indeed set the standard for depravity and sonic craftsmanship substantially higher with this release…” Forbidden Magazine“This album is a living, breathing nightmare” 9/10 Obskure Pandemonium10/10"As is the case with dark ambient, field recordings and found sounds form a large part of SHP’s atmospheric appeal, and with that is always the desire to create a series of horrendous moving images from them. Disused warehouses, cold concrete walls, blood-splattered edifices and makeshift operating tables are easily conjured up." Stench of Ishtar"you should heed my advice, because this album was spectacular and fuckin’ excellent in both its grandiose debauchery and simplistic execution. You need it, you’ll heed to it, so do get it..." Invisible Guy."If anyone’s capable of sonically replicating the sound of a human brain dissected and rewired by the hands of a grinning sadist, this is it" Ave Noctum


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