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Caul - The Long Dust

The Long Dust signifies the first full length Caul recording for Malignant since 1998's "Light From Many Lamps' CD, and while, stylistically, Brett's sound has evolved, there's no question it has also matured, moving further away from the climatic drift of the early works, into more structured, composed realms, adding layers of noir-ish percussion and gentle guitar melodies to the arching tones and cinematic textures that define the Caul sound. This is music that speaks of grey skies and introspection...solemn, yet abounding with serene beauty. “As eerie as it is masterful and as grand and majestic as it is echoing and sonorous, "The Long Dust" ranks as one of my all time favorite albums and examples of a unique spin on dark ambient. You owe it to yourself as a fan of ambient music to buy this album.” Rome Ruined"The Long Dust will ping your emotional core and find something in there to make you a little sad, a little pensive. That’s how and why it works so very well. Another superb offering from Caul." Hypnagogue.


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