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Phelios - Gates of Atlantis

The first new recording from Phelios since 2010’s highly acclaimed Astral Unity, finds Martin Stürtzer in fine form, creating yet another masterwork of meticulously crafted, richly detailed cosmic doom. Very few acts, if any, are more adept at composing such epically scaled atmospheres and Gates of Atlantis once again sets the bar impossibly high, offering up a multi-colored tapestry of sweeping sounds, full of majestic, nebulous drones and ominous strings, propelled forth by rising waves of tribal percussion and more earthen, textural darkness. The scope and breadth of the 7 tracks here truly transcends dark ambience, and the sheer weight and complexity of sound is nothing short of awe inspiring. A triumphant return from one of the genre’s great practitioners. In 6 panel eco-wallet with artwork by Pär Boström (Kammarheit) and mastered by Secret Lab."Phelios composes music of such an imposing nature and colossal scale it all but dwarfs a mere human scale perspective. In a word – monumental". Noise Receptor“I could put this one on and listen on repeat for days. "Gates of Atlantis" is easily one of my favorite electronic albums to come out this year and cannot be recommended highly enough.” Black Metal and Brews"Martin’s captivating ambiences and unearthly rituals manage to keep the listener’s focus on the story intact throughout the album’s duration, and to create powerful imagery that remains with you long after you’re done playing the recording. Arguably among his best work so far". Sante Sangre"Colored with deep blue, grey and dark black tones, "Gates of Atlantis" establish new standards for those that try to explore the field of tribal and ritualistic ambient music.". 9/10 Brutal Resonance


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