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Collapsar - Beyond the Event Horizon

Malignant presents another rising star within the dark ambient scene, this time in the form of French act Collapsar. With their debut CD, “Beyond The Event Horizon” Collapsar transports the listener on an epic journey deep into the cosmos, forging a path across a vast, inky void, and steering a course around a roiling galactic core of hyper-dense stars and black holes. The sound is epic, expansive, and most of all, HEAVY. There is beauty and tranquility within these realms, but there is no light – just massive, pulsating textures coalescing into shimmering drones, rippling sound waves, and billowing, multi-dimensional layers of powerful dark energy. “Beyond the Event Horizon” is without question, dark ambient in its purest form and one of the more genre defining releases of the last several years. A must for fans of Inade, Lustmord and the like. In 6 panel digipak, with design by ::: Eye.Lyft :::"Very much recommended!" Gothtronic"As intense a dark ambient listening experience as you are likely to hear" Electro Ambient Space"Collapsar, like no other, knows how good dark ambient stuff has to be composed! This album is pure sensation!" Side-Line"This has been one of my favorite debut albums of 2009 and it's a fantastic introduction into the world of dark ambient music" Lunar Transmissions

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