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Isolator - Culture and Principal of Anti-Human Exaltation

There’s dark, and then there’s what Isolator create – an abyssal black hole fashioned from pure negativity and concentrated misanthropy, the sounds unraveling like a time lapse film of slow decay and rot, where cascading, shapeless drones meet charred orchestral swells, disembodied voices, ritual undertones, and crushing, blown out disharmonics, all slathered and smeared into a mass of roiling darkness . This is harrowing and bleak to an endless degree and takes desolation and hopelessness to new levels. Featuring members of Father Befouled/Encoffination and Set, the 5 extended tracks signify a vital new entry into the “black noise” genre and fits comfortably amidst its Black Plague brethren DEATHSTENCH, T.O.M.B., and Hypsiphrone, and will also find appeal for those who appreciate the dark drift of early Yen Pox. In 8 panel fold out digipak, lmtd 500 copies."...oozing blackness...Culture And Principal Of Anti-Human Exaltation" is the perfect soundtrack for an upcoming apocalypse... my absolute recommendation!" 10/10 Necroweb"...Isolator pushes the boundaries of dark-ambient towards an unexplored and dangerous degree of terror". Side-Line


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