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Maculatum - The Nameless City

The Nameless City is the debut of Maculatum, the much anticipated collaborative project of Malignant dark ambient stalwarts Collapsar and Rasalhague. 6 tracks of visionary and cinematic black ambience based on Lovecraftian mythology, populated by unseen cosmic horrors and shapeless forms. The sound here is vast and luminous, and yet simultaneously menacing and oppressive…swirls of sprawling drones infused with ethereal murk and a steady stream of richly textured percussion, cavernous creaks, terrifying rituals, and heavily reverbed, ghostly vocalizations that arise from deep within the jungle and ruins of an ancient civilization. This is exactly what you want in a collaboration such as this…the best aspects of both Collapsar and Rasalhague brought together, without sounding derivative of either project. Limited to just 500 copies, in slim, fold out eco-wallet, this is of course a must for all those that appreciate dark ambience that goes beyond the realms of the ordinary."One colossal mass of rich cinematic, inky black ambience...the combined forces of both acts together produce something that is ultimately a beast in its own form, one approach complimenting the other with impressive results." 8.5/10 Black Audio "Dark ambient fans are going to devour The Nameless City with an unearthly hunger. Even casual dark listeners will find a lot to get lost in. In the midnight-hued density there is movement and sensation; there is a story at work, and it’s compelling". Hypnagogue9/10"The album of Maculatum is fully accomplished and I dare to say a masterpiece of contemporary dark-ambient." Side-Line"’s hard to believe that this album won’t be considered a classic years from now." Heathen Harvest

Part II by Maculatum by malignantrecords  

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